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Company Information


Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to extend the workplace from distinct buildings and sites to a global workspace by providing our customers with internet based applications and services. Ultimately, we want to enable our customers to work whenever they want, wherever they are.

Company History

Virtual Office Systems is a Texas S-Corporation, chartered in 1987. Our original product - Virtual Office - was a set of integrated applications that allowed multiple users to share calendars, documents and data on OS/2.

With the advent of the Internet, the fall of OS/2 and the rise of Windows, our goals and products have adapted to serve the current market. We now focus on providing internet based applications and solutions to our customers, enabling them to work remotely without losing any functionality. Our FACET Applications in particular, provide our customers with internet-based, business model applications for a variety of uses, and can be easily customized to any business model as needed. This has positioned us strategically where we can quickly move into new markets without significant additional investment in development.

In 2000, Virtual Office Systems began to focus on mobile web applications, particularly on the Pocket PC platform due to its high resolution, colorful screens, and excellent wireless connectivity. We at Virtual Office Systems believe that the wireless Internet will revolutionize computing as a whole, and intend to be a market leader in Advertising, Applications, and Development for wireless Internet devices that are both soft-wired (connect to the Internet through a desktop PC) and full wireless (connect to the Internet through CDPD, GSM, Ricochet or other wireless connection).
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