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Use your PocketPC to keep track of anything you need to pick up the next time you're at the store. You can put in your own items, or choose from a list of predefined items. Also, you can optionally put in the estimated price of each item and how many you want, and let VOShoppingList tell you how much you can expect to pay when you check out.
View your appointments as icons on a monthly calendar. Show meetings as a handshake icon, birthdays as a cake, whatever you want! Many rules are pre-entered, including Holidays for Christian, Islamic and Jewish faiths, and you can define as many additional icons as you want in any popular graphic format.
MyPersonal:Golf Pro
Having played in both the PGA Tour and US Open, and after years of teaching the game, professional golfer Terry Snodgrass teaches you tips, techniques and exercises to improve your golf game. Includes sections on Practice and general game tips, as well as a complete section dedicated to trouble shots. Illustrations and diagrams help explain the Pro's instructions, and you can search for any word or phrase to quickly address an issue.
How fast is your PocketPC? This is a quick program we put together to test the graphics I/O, integer, floating point and memory allocation/deallocation performance on PocketPC devices.
PocketPC Developer Section
Class Libraries to make development of PocketPC applications faster and easier. Source code included and best of all, they're FREE. Just doing our part to help the PocketPC community!
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