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Mobile Developer
VOCalendarCreator Create custom graphical calendars (for non-commercial use) that can be viewed over the net by VOCalendar!

Due to many requests, VOCalendarCreator is now FREE for non-commercial use! Use it to create calendars for your church, clubs, family, school calendars, or anything else you can imagine. Then put it on the Internet for viewing on VOCalendar. Users don't need a constant connection to the Internet to view your calendars, either! Once they've downloaded it, it will be saved in their VOCalendar until they choose to remove it.

Organize events on your calendars into categories, which can easily be turned on or off in VOCalendar to view only the events that pertain to that particular user.

In the "Combined" view, events from remote calendars are merged with Pocket Outlook events into a single, personalized calendar.

Set any graphics you want as the background, and define as many custom icons as you want. They will all be downloaded when VOCalendar connects to your calendar on the Internet!
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