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ADOCE Classes (VOConnection and VORecordset)
Add ADO to your C++ applications without having to worry about COM. These two classes encapsulate a large percentage of the work involved in getting ADO up and running with a minimum of overhead in your application. Cleanup of connections, recordsets and COM instances is automatic. Source code is included and can be used in any private or commercial application with no royalties! MFC Required.
Image Utility Class (CVOImage)
Load GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP and other formats using the IMGDECMP.DLL built into every Pocket PC.
Registry Class (CVORegistry)
Encapsulate registry access with this extremely easy to use registry class. Key enumeration, DWORD and String values are all supported. MFC required.
AutoListCtrl Class (CAutoListCtrl)
Extends the standard CListCtrl class, adding automatic column sizing, column sorting (with data types), very easy to use. MFC required.
VOString Class (CVOString)
Very powerful, very portable string class for use in Pocket PC, Palm, Smartphone, Win32 Desktop. Works in both MFC or non-MFC applications. No maximum string length.
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