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Use your Windows PC to keep track of anything you need to pick up the next time you're at the store. You can put in your own items, or choose from a list of predefined items. Also, you can optionally put in the estimated price of each item and how many you want, and let VOShoppingList tell you how much you can expect to pay when you check out.

You can use the program free of charge for 10 days. After the 10 day trial period, you must register the program to continue use. Registration of any PDA version of VOShoppingList allows you to use this product free of charge as a companion product (the PDA must be connected to the PC).


  • Improved synchronization with PDAs! Faster, fully configurable syncronization settings
  • Print your lists Lists can be printed to any printer. Long lists are printed as multiple columns on a page so that the lists can be folded into a convenient size.
  • Email your lists Any MAPI compliant eMail program can be used to send your list to any user with an eMail address (not just users who have VOShoppingList!)
  • Mouse Wheel Support Use your mouse wheel to quickly move through your list
  • Quick Select Jump to any item by hitting the first letter of the item name on your keyboard (physical or on-screen)


NEW! Check out our Online Tutorials for VOShoppingList to learn how to use the program Step-By-Step!


Buy the Windows and Pocket PC versions Together* and save 25% for only US$22.50

*Separate registration allows you to modify your PDA list on your PC when the PDA is not connected

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