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The file is in CSV (comma separated value) format, which is supported by almost all database program files, Excel, etc. The format is:

Name, Unit, Qty, Price, Coupon, Purchased, Categories

  • Name (String)
  • Unit (String)
  • Qty (number with optional decimal value)
  • Price (number with optional decimal value)
  • Coupon (0 = No, 1 = Yes)
  • Purchased (0 = No, 1 = Yes)
  • Categories (String*)

Categories are separated by "+" characters as shown below. Optionally, after each category, you can specify a 2 character location to show aisle number or location by name (i.e. "PR" for produce in the item "Bananas" below).


Special Considerations

  • Names that end with "(Once)" are considered "one time purchases"
  • Taxable items are denoted by having a negative price. The default tax rate is 10%, and the user can change that inside the program.


An example file might look like this:

"Bananas","bunch",2,1.50,0,0,"+*(PR)+Grocery+Super Target+"
"Soup","can",1.00,-1.99,0,0,"+*(08)+Grocery(08)+Sam's Club(05)+Super Target(04)+"
"Spaghetti Sauce","jar",1.00,-3.50,0,0,"+Grocery+Sam's Club+Super Target+"
"Window Repair Kit (Once)","",1.00,-15.00,0,0,"+Home Depot+"

In the sample list, all items except "Bananas" are taxable (negative prices) and the item "Window Repair Kit" is a one-time purchase (it will not be remembered after it is purchased)

You can import and export the files in this format so that you can modify your lists on the desktop.
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