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Use your Pocket PC to keep track of anything you need to pick up the next time you're at the store. You can put in your own items, or choose from a list of predefined items. Also, you can optionally put in the estimated price of each item and how many you want, and let VOShoppingList tell you how much you can expect to pay when you check out.


Buy the Windows and Pocket PC versions Together* and save 25% for only US$22.50

*Separate registration allows you to modify your PDA list on your PC when the PDA is not connected

  • "Quick, easy interface"
    - review
  • "Great Tech Support!"
    - George Cramden, User
  • "Only one word: PERFECT! ... this utility is really my favourite and I use it everyday !"
    - Frédéric Beaufrère, Webmaster,
  • "This upgrade provides all I have been looking for.. Excellent job."
    - Anthony Colletti, One of thousands of satisfied users!


NEW! Check out our Online Tutorials for VOShoppingList to learn how to use the program Step-By-Step!

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  • Support coupons, quantities, multiple units, custom item creation and international currency types.
  • Improved Auto-Completion while entering item names
  • Speed optimizations Nearly 10 times faster than previous versions!
  • Improved synchronization with desktop Both desktop and Pocket PC versions can now be run at the same time
  • Auto-Completion completes typing for you quickly when you add items to your list
  • Automatically merges duplicate items
  • Track Taxable Items Specify tax rate and taxable items are calculated into the estimated totals
  • One Time Purchases Flag items as "One Time" and they will be permanently removed from the list once they are purchased
  • Hide/Show Columns Select which columns you want displayed on your list. Hide unwanted columns to see more of the columns you do want to see
  • Hide/Show Items In Cart Toggle purchased items simply by clicking the cart button on the toolbar. (Items in cart are shown as crossed out when not hidden)
  • Auto Backup to Desktop All items and categories are now automatically backed up to your desktop PC by ActiveSync File sync
  • Item Locations Track and store items by locations (aisle numbers, character codes or both)
  • Hardware Button Support Use your Up/Down/Left/Right controls to quickly move through your list
  • Improved Sorting Now sort by location, name, coupon or price, ascending and descending just by tapping on the column headers
  • Quick Select Jump to any item by hitting the first letter of the item name on your keyboard (physical or on-screen)
  • Item Counts in category drop list added
  • Import/Export .CSV format files with MS Access, MS Excel and other programs on your desktop PC!
  • Integration with Pocket Cook! (Now supports version 5!) Choose items to add to your shopping list directly from your Pocket Cook recipes!
  • Chooser Mode -- Lets you quickly select items to add your list
  • Categories -- Group items into categories!
  • French Language added. NEW! Ability to switch between languages manually!
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